Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joey's First Christmas

We spent Joey's first Christmas in Lake Tahoe. My parents and sister Cara and her family came up from San Diego and my sister Cassie flew in from Salt Lake City, Utah and we went up on Tuesday night. Although it did not snow while we were there, Joey got to experience the snow for the first time when we went up the gondola to Heavenly so my niece and nephew could sled. It was a blast! Joey did really well (except for sleeping through the night). He did not like the hotel's metal portable crib. It was a lot smaller and harder than he is used to and every time he rolled into the hard metal sides he woke up whimpering (never usually a full cry). So we did not get much sleep. But we sure had fun.

I only have pics from a few of the days. I will post more when I get the rest of them from my Mom.

Here are Joey and Tony getting ready for pizza for lunch on Christmas eve before we went up to Heavenly.

Joey with one of his favorites...Pizza crust.

Going up the gondola to Heavenly.

It was breathtaking up there! Joey slept the whole way up but was awake and looking around the way back down.

Here Joey and I are with my mom, sisters (Cara and Cassie) and niece (Ellie).

All bundled up for the snow.

We got Joey a pair of sunglasses because the sun was so bright in the snow and the reflection hurt your eyes. We tried the best we could to keep them on.

I cannot wait to get the pictures from my mom of Joey when we put him down in the snow. He just started laughing. It was so cute!

There we go.

The whole family.

Christmas morning. Good friends of the family, The Ghilardi family who also came to Tahoe from San Diego, brought us a Christmas tree. And of course Santa came and brought Joey a big stocking full of presents.

Joey watching his cousins open their presents.

Joey and his Daddy on Christmas morning.

The santa hat was a little small but still oh so cute!

All bundled up again for walking to the movies. Joey's first movie theater experience. We saw Disney's a Christmas Carol. I enjoyed it. My sister and niece and nephew not so much, Joey did pretty good. There were a few prolonged rasberries and he was getting a little restless toward the end but there was no major fussing. Thanks grandma for h0lding him through most of the movie.

Look at that cute little face. I love babies in hats.

All dressed up for Christmas dinner. We went to the Stage Room at Harveys. It was really good.

Joey was tired and slept through half of dinner.
Here he is with his Pa Pa.

The whole family posing for a picture in the lobby at Harrahs. Joey had just woken up and was enjoying a bottle.

Our first Christmas as a family.

Joey's Christmas night bath. Grandma let his roll onto his tummy in the tub and he had a blast splashing in the water on his tummy.

Joey with his Christmas presents when we got home from Tahoe yesterday.

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. I will be posting more pictures from Tahoe when I get them and pictures from the fun cookie party at Jen's house last weekend hopefully later this week.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009