Friday, December 31, 2010

Babysitter Update

One of the best things about 2010 was some of the people we met. Not only the Sisters we had the pleasure of meeting through the Ds sisterhood and their beautiful babies, but also our new babysitter. When Jen told us she was adopting Sofia early this year and we realized that we were going to have to find a new babysitter for Joey, we were terrified that we would not be able to find someone that loved, and took as good of care of Joey while we work, as Jen did. Fortunately, our fears were unfounded.
Shannon has been watching Joey since April of 2010 and (although we miss Jen), we are very fortunate to have connected with Shannon and her family. Joey seems very happy there. Check him out with his new buddies, Shannon's son Blake and Gia (one of the little girls Shannon also watches).
We know that Shannon and her family will be a part of our family for years to come. Shannon's son Blake is only a few weeks younger than Joey and Gia is about a year old.
As you can see from the pictures, Joey enjoys spending four days a week at Shannon's, playing with Blake and Gia...
and the bunnies!
And although I would love to be there with him...knowing Joey has always been well cared for and happy (both with Jen and now with Shannon) while we work makes being away from him so many hours a week (somewhat) bearable.
Happy New Year to everyone and I promise to post more Christmas pics and a 2010 year in review real soon!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We went down to San Diego for Christmas. It was an all around really nice Christmas. Here are a few of the pictures....I will add more later this week.

Here Joey and I are on Christmas Eve.
With Tony...
Here Joey is Christmas morning with his new kitchen set. Thanks Grandma and Pa was a huge hit and I am excited to get it home. I hope this becomes his new obsession (instead of emptying my kitchen cabinets!).

We hope everyone else had a nice Christmas as well!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Clause

Here is the official picture with Santa Clause. I was shocked he did not scream!

Monday, November 29, 2010


This Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for. Our health, family, friends. But most of all I am thankful for Joey. And I am thankful that he is making the strides that he is. Check him out

Yep he is one step closer to walking on his own!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tahoe & Other (older) Stuff

A couple of weeks ago we met my parents up at Lake Tahoe. We had a really fun weekend.

Joey and his Daddy!
Me, Mom, Dad and Joey.
The whole family out at Emerald Bay.
Joey playing with a slinky in the room.

My mom finally gave me a cd that had some pictures from trips to San Diego and Vegas earlier this year.
Here are some of my favorite photos from her camera (yes they are a bit of a flashback)
Here is a pick from Easter morning (Easter 2010)
Checking out the contents of his basket on Easter morning.
Joey with the Easter Bunny.

And not sure what to do with Grandma's ferrets.
I just love his face in this one.

These are from our trip to San Diego in August.

Coming next (or video) of Joey litterally one step closer to walking! We are soooo proud of his progress!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Monkey (Halloween 2010)

Holidays get better and better as Joey gets older. This Halloween was no exception. Whereas last year he just sort of was there.... this year he was an active participant in the festivities! On Saturday we got to carve pumpkins.

Joey was concentrating hard on those gooey seeds...trying to build up the courage to touch them.

There he goes. Getting braver!
Ready to dive into Daddy's big pumpkin.
The finished products. The little one on the left is the one I carved inspired by Joey...the big one is the scary pumpkin by Tony.

After an awesome Halloween playdate Sunday morning (pictures to come later), Joey got to go trick-or-treating.
But not before we took lots of pictures. Here is our little monkey.

I am finding more difficult these days to get a picture of him actually looking at the camera because he is so busy.
And unfortunately he would not make the monkey sounds (and associated adorable face) that we have been practicing for weeks.
Oh well...he was still adorable.
Trick or treating with Daddy.
Why a monkey you ask?
I got the idea from Joey's choice of ambulation these days... and he did not disappoint. Here he is chasing the other kids up the driveway on his hands and feet...just like a monkey!

Could he be any cuter? He insisted on going up to the door on his own!

He was so determined. After about 25 minutes however, we were tired and Joey wanted to check out his candy.

At last he got to sample it!

Cannot wait until next year! By then he ought to be running up to the door on two feet!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Step Up For Down Syndrome 2010

As Down Syndrome Awareness Month wraps up, I am happy to have a moment to post pictures of the Step Up For Down Syndrome walk we participated in earlier this month. It was a terrible day weather wise...but nonetheless a blast because we were amongst our growing DS family. This year, instead of forming our own team, Tony, Joey and I joined the DS Mama Sisterhood team. Unfortunately it was too hectic to get a picture of the entire group (or even the kiddos together) this year. Anyway here are the pictures I was able to get. Between the rain, a baby who no longer stays on the blanket and trying to socialize with everyone, however, I did not get too many photos.
Joey and Daddy.
Joey and Mama.
Joey all ready for the walk.
Here are some of Joey's friends that were at the walk.
Adorable little Delilah.
Cute little Sofia enjoying her first DS walk.
Beautiful Cassidy.
Joey enjoying a chocolate chip cookie after the walk.
And at last, there is Joey hanging out with Sheridan on the rainbow blanket Joey and his friends were all pictured on last year.
Anyway...wish we could have gotten a picture with all the sisters. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joey Steps Up His Gross Motor Game

Joey has been stepping up his gross motor skill game lately. He is now standing up in the middle of the room with no assistance. And he is pleased with himself when he does!
He literally went from using my leg or the wall one day...
Ignore the huge strawberry stain he is sporting in this photo. He received a change of clothing a short while later.

to getting up without it in the middle of the room the next. It was awesome.
Here's to Joey!

He is really making such great strides these days. We are so proud of him and we know he will be walking in no time at all. And I post will be the Step Up For Down Syndrome walk photos.