Friday, July 23, 2010


Joey has been so busy these days (and we have been so busy trying to keep him out of trouble) that there has not been much time to keep up with the blog. Any time I sit down at the computer he is off to the races, pulling himself up on whatever he can and trying to pull down anything he can reach! I love it! but it is exhausting.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.

I guess I left off on the Fourth of July. Joey was here last year but too young to partake in the celebration. Not this year. Here he is with his little flag.

And ready to see Daddy and the neighbors set off some fireworks. (from a safe distance of course)

And as much as he would have liked to do it himself... he is too young this year!

And towards the end of our little fireworks show...he passed out...through the noise and all!
We have been spending a ton of time at the pool. Even with 50 sunscreen on...Joey is managing to get a little color. He is actually starting to look more like the little Italian/Portuguese baby that he is.
Here he is being silly in the bath tub.
Gotta love that hair. (It is getting cut this weekend)
Big smiles!
And telling us he is ready for his milk at bed time.
Joey has been signing quite a bit. He now regularly signs (his own versions) of milk, more, all done and eat pretty regularly. He is also waiving hi and bye to people (often strangers) and when you ask him where his head is, he grabs it with both hands! (I will try and get a picture) SOOOOOO cute! He is also starting to crawl some on his hands and knees and doing what I call the monkey walk on his hands and feet! I am so very proud of this little man!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Real Reason We Got No Sleep In Vegas

and no it was not because we were up gambling in the casino all night. That would be a little hard to do with Joey. But we did take turns going down for about an hour at a time. But at about 1:30 in the morning when we were ready to go to sleep, Joey was not.
It was pitch black in the room but he was sitting up in the portable crib next to the bed. Every time I said "night night Joey" he started laughing hysterically. So I did what any responsible parent does.... and took out the camera. These were taken in the dark with the flash on...amazing how they came out since I could not see where I was shooting.

This is the last of the photos I really wanted to post from our trip to Las Vegas on Father's Day weekend.