Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Joey's First Pony Ride

Joey had his first pony ride at the State fair this past weekend. It was a huge hit. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out so all I have are a couple of cell phone pics.

But trust me...he enjoyed it so much that I promise there will be more pony rides and therefore more pony pics in the near future. I am even foreseeing a future birthday party with a pony!

When the short ride was over he held on to the saddle for dear life and said "Noooooooo!" I was willing to buy him another round....but for the record, Daddy said no.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Water Therapy

Tony takes Joey to water therapy every Friday with Joey's regular PT Michelle. I know it is hard to tell (sarcasm) but I think Joey really enjoys it.

Thankfully his love of water therapy has led to a love of swimming and the water in general. I will have to post some of our other summer water pics later. I have a ton of catching up to do. I totally forgot how exhausting pregnancy is. We are 19 weeks today, however, so about half way there!