Friday, July 24, 2009

Then and Now

Joey in his swing at four weeks old. Look how tiny he looks in there.

In his swing at four months old. Wish I had a current picture. He looks like he barely fits in there now.

Getting a bath in the kitchen sink at three weeks old.

Bathtime in the sink at grandma's house at two months old.

Getting ready to go into the bathtub now.

and in the bathtub now

Joey asleep in his bassinette that grandma made him at three weeks old

You have to see the whole thing it was sooooo cute!

and now... our big boy sleeps in his crib in his own room (all night long)

Joey playing on his floor mat at four weeks

and now... at almost six months

Joey lifting his head up off his pa pa's (my father's) chest, for the first time, at four weeks old

And now... look at him holding himself up to check out his new toy!

And looking at me as if to say "piece of cake mom"

It is amazing how much he has changed over the past five and a half months. We are so proud of how much he has accomplished in such a short amount of time. Joey you are amazing and we know that you are going to continue to grow and thrive and make us proud!


  1. Awwww so cute!He's doing so good! What a cute bassinette!

  2. It's so awesome to see those significant changes in such a short amount of time!

  3. they grow so fast! Owen walked in while I was looking at the pics and says, "Baby Joey!" Um, I guess that means grandma shows off pics A LOT! =)

  4. I love his face in that last photo! So darn sweet!

  5. They do grow up fast. My oldest starts 7th grade in 2 weeks!!! Enjoy him! Oh, and don't blink!