Monday, September 14, 2009

Joey and His Daddy

Joey and his daddy Tony are so darn cute together. It melts my heart seeing them play together and it is daily affirmation that I married the right guy and was blessed to have been able to have a child with him. Check them out....

sorry could not get the video to upload so click here

Tony's 41st birthday was Sunday. Happy 41st Birthday Tony! I love both you and Joey with all my heart.


  1. So cute - Daddy's are great. They just offer a different perspective. Max giggles ever time his daddy comes near. I think he's giggled for me maybe 3 times! Yay for daddies!!

  2. ok, to get the video on blogger (when it's too big) just copy the code "Embed" and paste it right into your post. Looks crazy, but it works. Just press "preview" and you can be sure it's there. I just tried it with your video and it worked =)

    what a good dad! love it

  3. that wasn't a very good explanation, sorry. The code is to the right of the video on one true media.

  4. You all are just adorable with Joey! Such a sweet happy family!