Monday, February 1, 2010

A Year Ago This Past Weekend...

It was a year ago this past weekend that we drove down to San Diego for my baby shower.

At the time we thought there would be another month before baby Joey would make his debut... He had different plans... but anyway that was the last time that we actually made the 9 hour drive to San Diego... that is until this past weekend when we drove down to celebrate Joey's first birthday (a week early) with my family. We have flown down to San Diego several times with Joey but this was his first drive down there.
Here Joey is all buckled up for the long drive down. We left Sacramento at about 8 pm Thursday night with the hopes that Joey would sleep the whole way down.
Although he perked up when we first put him in the car... he only lasted for about fifteen minutes before he was down for the count.
Like the little angel that he is, he slept the whole way there (which he did not do for the ride home).
While in San Diego Joey had his first taste of McDonald's Chicken nuggets (at Grandma's insistence). And of course he loved them!
Look at him opening up wide and leaning in for them!
And of course there was a birthday cake... the first of what will likely be several first birthday cakes. I was a bit disappointed that he did not dive right in. Oh well, maybe the next one.
Kickin back and having a little fun.
A year ago when we made the drive back up to Sacramento (after the shower) my car was loaded with baby necessities and Joey's bassinette. This trip we brought the bassinette back to my mom (as we will not likely be the ones to need it again next) and when we returned to Sacramento the car was loaded (and I mean loaded) with toys for Joey. My living room now looks like Toysrus exploded in there!
Here he is with some of the cool new toys he got for his birthday from my family. He got a cool ride on and push toy.

And an activity table that he can practice standing to play with.

And the silly town that encourages him to sit and play with (although here he was too tired and opted to play with it on his tummy).

Cannot believe it has almost been one year and that we have survived!


  1. Toy mania!!!! Joaquin will have to visit someday and see what fun Joey has at his place!!!

  2. Just finished celebrating Max's birthday today and thought of you.
    Hope you have a WONDERFUL celebration. Looks like you've already started! AS IT SHOULD BE!