Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach Bum Joey

We flew to San Diego last Thursday to visit Joey's Grandma, Grandpa and aunties (my family). While there Joey turned 18 months old. I will post an update on Joey at 18 months later. But here are some pics of him at the beach while we were there.

Joey also had an ABR under sedation and an upper endoscopy and his 18 month well baby checkup done yesterday (we have been busy). More on that later as well...the short of it, however, is that his hearing as perfect and his stomach and esophogus look good... we are waiting for pathology on his small intestine and celiac testing. I am soooo proud of Joey...he did amazingly with everything (as always) I will share more later.

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  1. I miss the San Diego beaches SO much! Must have been up near La Jolla somewhere? We haven't been back since we moved after college... I'd love to take Piper into the water! Looks like Joey could teach her a thing or two!!! :)