Sunday, September 5, 2010

Let Him Climb

Doctors orders...climbing is good. According to Joey's pediatric neurologist, it is good for building trunk strength, balance and coordination. And so...when safe (i.e. we are there to catch him so he does not get hurt), we let him climb. And climb he does!

At first it was his toys...
Onto the coffee table..

Into the Dryer...
Poor Leo is no longer safe on the couch!

Look at him go after the poor kitty!

Sorry Leo!
And thank goodness for Leo--Joey moves on to the next thing quickly..
And here he is after his haircut on Saturday-- climbing his stroller like it was nothin'


  1. Oh I want more post haircut photos!!! LOOKS DARLING!!!!

  2. Oh my, he is so cute! He is quite the climber!

  3. Adorable. I LOVE his haircut. He looks so much older! The dryer photo is hilarious, too. Great job, Joey.