Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joey Steps Up His Gross Motor Game

Joey has been stepping up his gross motor skill game lately. He is now standing up in the middle of the room with no assistance. And he is pleased with himself when he does!
He literally went from using my leg or the wall one day...
Ignore the huge strawberry stain he is sporting in this photo. He received a change of clothing a short while later.

to getting up without it in the middle of the room the next. It was awesome.
Here's to Joey!

He is really making such great strides these days. We are so proud of him and we know he will be walking in no time at all. And I post will be the Step Up For Down Syndrome walk photos.


  1. Joey, you are too darn cute and you're doing so great! I love it when they are so pleased with themselves!

  2. Awesome job, little man! So excited for you -- watch out MOM!

  3. That is super exciting!! Way to go Joey!You need to come over and give some pointers to :)