Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Monkey (Halloween 2010)

Holidays get better and better as Joey gets older. This Halloween was no exception. Whereas last year he just sort of was there.... this year he was an active participant in the festivities! On Saturday we got to carve pumpkins.

Joey was concentrating hard on those gooey seeds...trying to build up the courage to touch them.

There he goes. Getting braver!
Ready to dive into Daddy's big pumpkin.
The finished products. The little one on the left is the one I carved inspired by Joey...the big one is the scary pumpkin by Tony.

After an awesome Halloween playdate Sunday morning (pictures to come later), Joey got to go trick-or-treating.
But not before we took lots of pictures. Here is our little monkey.

I am finding more difficult these days to get a picture of him actually looking at the camera because he is so busy.
And unfortunately he would not make the monkey sounds (and associated adorable face) that we have been practicing for weeks.
Oh well...he was still adorable.
Trick or treating with Daddy.
Why a monkey you ask?
I got the idea from Joey's choice of ambulation these days... and he did not disappoint. Here he is chasing the other kids up the driveway on his hands and feet...just like a monkey!

Could he be any cuter? He insisted on going up to the door on his own!

He was so determined. After about 25 minutes however, we were tired and Joey wanted to check out his candy.

At last he got to sample it!

Cannot wait until next year! By then he ought to be running up to the door on two feet!

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  1. Adorable costume! He's braver than I am with pumpkin carving -- just don't like the slimy feeling anymore (yes, I used to carve pumpkins...) Anyway, super cutie patootie!