Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Cake Done Right!

Joey's second birthday was a blast. (I will try and post pictures of the party later) but for now...check him out showing us how to do birthday cake right.
This was at party number 1 with his friends at Funtastic.

And then on his actual birthday, we had to get him another cake.

And if you think he got into the cupcakes at his party...wait to you see what he did with this cake!

Warning...these get messy!

Yes...he wiped a handful down his face!

By the time he was done there was icing in the carpet...

Dripping down the wall...

But look at that face!

He was having so much fun!

The new header is just a teaser. We had some pictures taken in Old Sacramento for Joey's 2nd Birthday by Michelle Marrone. She is awesome! cannot wait to share more!


  1. Happy Birthday! (Does frosting sting the eyes?! hehe)

  2. Hilarious photos! What a doll face, even with icing! And LOOOOOOOVE your new header pic. Gorgeous!!!