Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will He Be Like His Big Brother?

Last week we found out we are having another boy! Although I thought I wanted a girl...I am thrilled! But I can't help but wonder how much or little he will be like his big brother. We also learned that this baby does not have Down Syndrome or any other Trisomy. How much of Joey's personality is shaped by Down syndrome? Will this little boy be as silly as his big brother?
Yes that is my underwear...clean underwear...and it is one of his favorite things to play with these days.

How much will they look alike?

So many questions and it feels like we have sooooo long to find out the answers. Until then we will just enjoy Joey!


  1. he he, my boys like my bras!
    CONGRATS! brothers are awesome. they will love eachother to pieces

  2. Yay for another boy...I love having two boys...and that my boys have each other! They are similar in so many ways but their personalities couldn't be more different and have been since day one...not sure it's a Ds thing or just a birth order thing?? Congrats again, so exciting!!!

  3. We're having a second girl, and I find myself wondering how much she'll be like her big sis too. Good or bad, it seems a lot easier to compare/contrast when you have 2 of the same sex. I'm hoping this one's a much better sleeper than her big sister!

  4. Hey! Sorry I've not being good at keeping up to date! Looks like you have some BIG news! WOW WOW WOW!!! So excited for you and your family. Congratulations!!!!!