Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will He Be Like His Big Brother?

Last week we found out we are having another boy! Although I thought I wanted a girl...I am thrilled! But I can't help but wonder how much or little he will be like his big brother. We also learned that this baby does not have Down Syndrome or any other Trisomy. How much of Joey's personality is shaped by Down syndrome? Will this little boy be as silly as his big brother?
Yes that is my underwear...clean underwear...and it is one of his favorite things to play with these days.

How much will they look alike?

So many questions and it feels like we have sooooo long to find out the answers. Until then we will just enjoy Joey!

Monday, May 2, 2011

April 2011 Easter Party and Easter

Despite the morning sickness and fatigue, April still managed to be quite a busy month for us. As we have finally gotten more settled in the new house, I decided to host a Music/Easter Egg Hunt Playdate for Joey and some of Joey's friends. Here are some of the pics (better late than never) and some from our Easter festivities.

Joey helping himself to the snacks to make sure that they are ok for his guests.

And I don't know if it was the small group, or the fact that he was tired, but Joey got really into the music this time and even sat right up front for most of the session.

Little Kassidy was quite facinated with Joey (he better get used to it with those eyes of his!)

He was not sure how to take it.

After the music we had lunch and hid easter eggs outside for the little ones. Joey caught on to the idea of picking up eggs quite quickly.

Here he has one in each hand

I cannot believe how much more like a kid (and less like a baby) he has become over the last few months.

An action shot...

Thanks to all of our friends who were able to make it out for the afternoon! we had so much fun sharing our new backyard with them for a little Easter fun.

Of course the night before Easter we had to color some eggs....I almost didn't do it this year because I was afraid Joey would just want to stick his hands in the dye and pull the cups over.

Of course he tried.

And then Easter morning he climbed out of our bed and made his way downstairs before Mommy could pull herself out of bed (not able to do that very quickly these days unless I want to puke). Ten minutes later when I got downstairs, he had found his easter basket and was playing with it so cutely!

The Easter Bunny also brought him a nerf sword...

And an battery operated tooth brush...

Showing off those pearly whites!

And it would not be Easter without a little chocolate...Joey got a few marshmellow bunnys. After eating one..he promptly handed me another to open for him!

And then Joey's cousins came over for Easter dinner. It was so cute how nicely he shared his toys with them!

So those were the main events in April! maybe this month I will be a little better with timely posting..probably not...but it is good to have goals...right?