Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Cookie Party With The SacTown Babies

A few weeks ago Jen had a Christmas Cookie and Coffee party at her house with the SacTown Babies and Mommas with whom we have become good friends over the past year. Here are some of the photo highlights from the party. It was an absolute blast and I hope there are many more get togethers like this in the new year.

Joaquin greeted Joey with a big smooch.

Joaquin checking out Maddi who joined us all the way from Washington.

It was nice getting to meet Maddi and her mom. Joey likes the ladies!

Joey, Joaquin and Maddi getting aquainted.

Our really good friend and neighbor Darin came along to play Santa for the kiddos. Thanks so much Darin! The kids really liked getting to meet Santa (some of them for the first time). I don't think they were old enough to be scared of him! Next year I expect there will be a little more "stranger danger" at being handed over to Santa. Looking good Santa!

Joaquin saying hi to Santa.

Joey went to Santa no problem. I wonder if he recognized Darin who we hang out with all the time and who Joey loves.

Joey is thinking just let me get my hands on that beard!

Santa with then 5 day old Delilah and new mommy Amy.

We were so happy that Amy was able to bring Delilah out to meet her new friends! Little Delilah is so beautiful and we cannot wait to watch her grow up and get to know her better.

Maddi with Santa Clause.

Joey loved Santa!

Joey and John Michael hanging out under the tree.

The whole group gathered around the tree for a photo op. From left to right we have Joaquin, Maddi, Sheridan, Cody, Gracie, Gabby, Eva, John Michael and Joey.

Joey playing with the ladies Gabby and Gracie.

Miss Gabby looking oh so pretty in her Christmas dress.

Gracie and Maddi with Joaquin who was looking very handsome.

Cody showing everyone his dance moves.

Beautiful Gracie

A beautiful picture of Joey that I got from Facebook... not sure who took it but I love his eyes in this picture.

Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died so this is all I got. We did a gift exchange and Joey got a set of Goosie flash cards (from Lisa and Sheridan) with pictures of all his friends on them. It was such a cute gift and we love them! Thanks so much Lisa!
It is always so much fun getting together with this awesome group of Mommas and Babies. This group has provided Joey and I with so much support this past year and we do not know what we would do without you. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Joey and I cannot wait to see everyone again in the new year!

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  1. LOVE these Cori!!! Joey is so darn cute! What a great day it was and please tell Santa he was AWESOME!