Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Years Ago Today...

We were on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera and I married my best friend. It was a perfect day. We were on the second day of the cruise half way between Los Angeles and Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

We were married by the Captain of the Diamond Princess and afterwards we got a tour of the bridge were they control the ship. Here we are in the Captain's chair.

I know I made the best decision of my life when I married Tony....He is a kind, compassionate and caring man and the best father to our son.

Joey loves his daddy soooo much.

I would marry Tony all over again. I cannot wait to grow old together and to have another baby with him in the future!

Happy 3rd Aniversary Tony. I love you with all my heart and my love for you continues to grow with each day I see you and our son together. I know that after surviving this last year, which has been so difficult, yet so full of joy, we can do anything together!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you two! What a blessing to have each other and then to have a precious package like Joey to remind you of your love. :-)

  2. Love it!!! Happy Anniversary! Joey's smile can't get any bigger!!!

  3. Congratulations you two!! Happy anniversary! Cori you look so beautiful in your wedding dress and yes, you DID pick the right man! Take especially good care of that sweet husband of yours today!:) Megan Fera

  4. Happy Anniversary, Cori & Tony!

  5. 人類最大的悲劇不是死亡,而是沒有掌握有意義的人生 ..................................................