Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Standing Up!

Joey has had a gross motor explosion the past few weeks. First with sitting up independently which he first did on April 7, 2010...
and now...

He is Standing Up!

and climbing anything and everything he can!

He stands by first going to his knees like this...

We put a cusion from the couch on the floor to encourage him to get on his knees and alternate bearing weight on his arms while playing with a toy...
he now uses the cusions to climb to the arm of the couch! and sometimes to sit (which he does now all the time on his own!)

We of course try to discourage the climbing when we are not sitting there with him...but every time we turn around he is back up there again.
Here he is busted on the couch again. Gotta love those eyes!
poor guy is teething so badly but the only thing he wants to chew on are his hands.

Here Joey is having a great time at his friend Riley's 2nd Birthday party at Funtastic here in Natomas. He had such a blast climbing all of the mats they had.

And at last...after Joey fell asleep this evening I was able to get a picture of his little tooth peaking out on the bottom gums.

Sweet angel! we are so proud of him!


  1. watch out! you're in for it now! ha ha ha

  2. Hooray for Joey!! This is so wonderful Cori!! But.....uh-oh!...watch out, 'cause here he comes!! This is very exciting!! And yes, those eyes.....sigh......DREAMY:)

  3. Yay, Joey! You are such a champ! That first picture / look on his face / is priceless!

  4. yay!! That is so exciting!! WTG Joey!

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