Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tissue Anyone?

We are sooooo proud of Joey's progress with walking before his second birthday! But along with the walking comes a whole new level of things Joey can get into. Lately he climbs the couch....and from there he can reach everything on the endtables and back of the couch (places I used to consider as "safe") where he can reach things like the box of tissues. He used to eat he just takes them all out of the box and spreads them around.

The worst part is...
because it is so fun watching him do this...
I am more inclined to grab the camera then I am to stop him...
Nothing seems to make him happier than making a huge mess for us...

Wiped out (literally) from all that fun!

This was almost as fun as tearing apart toilet paper in the bathroom.

And now that he stands so well he is comfortable reaching for new places he couldn't reach when he needed his hands down lower to steady himself. Like reaching the counter in the kitchen.

Are there no safe places anymore?


  1. Oh no! I thought once they were cruising that the trouble that they could get into was kind of known. This is terrible news! But some great photos! He is so adorable!!!!

  2. YAY Joey...I saw that sweet video of him walking, way to go!...and YEP! Nothing is safe out! Brayden climbs EVERYTHING!

  3. I love your blog, and really Love seeing your little one's pictures. I hate to do this, and if it wasn't for my daughter, I wouldn't but I have entered Riley in a contest to be featured in a FANCY NANCY book, and would love for her to represent kids with a fancy extra chromosome, voting ends soon, so please help!ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT, PLEASE VOTE!!!

  4. It was WONDERful seeing Joey walking yesterday. Really great! The paper fetish could last a while... better stock up LOL!