Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday: Praying for Poop

After he got out of surgery, Joey's surgeon told us that we would not know whether the surgery to correct the blockage in his duodenum was a success until he pooped. As a result, we told all our friends and family, who were eager to help us in some way, that what we really needed them to do was to pray for poop.... And they did... and it worked! A few days later Joey pooped! We were so proud of our amazing little baby! Who knew that poop would be something we would be so excited to see. (we would have to remind ourselves of our excitement a few weeks later when we were cleaning it off the wall and furniture after Joey, and his newly connected bowels, tested his novice parents' ability to keep things covered while changing diapers!)

I was amazed by this baby's resilience and strength and how quickly he recovered after that. I knew then that no matter what the milestone or feat, this baby would continue to amaze us.

2/14/09. When he opened his eyes and looked into my eyes I felt as though he was looking straight into my soul. During the days after his surgery I lived for the moments when he would open his eyes and look at me! I usually would not leave his side if his eyes were open. God I loved and still love those eyes!

We took turns holding him in the NICU (2/14/09). Here is Joey and his Grandma (my mother Beth) who we are very grateful for. She came up to Sacramento from San Diego on the night of Joey's surgery and stayed with us until we were sure that things were going to be ok. During that time she managed to clean our entire house, including things I don't think I had ever cleaned, such as the top of the refridgerator!

Mommy's turn.

Daddy's turn.

Once Joey pooped the the IV's and other equipment slowly started to disappear. Here Joey is on 2/16/09 down to only the IV (called a PICC line that went up his arm and into his heart) in his left arm.

Look ma no more NG tube!

Later I would battle with the NICU nurses who wanted to reinsert a tube for feedings. I was determined not to let this happen and as a result spent most of the next 9 days in the NICU as much as possible, giving Joey his feedings myself so we could avoid another tube.

On 2/18/09 they removed the NG tube that was collecting drainage from his stomach and it was time to finally allow him to try eating. Joey really seemed glad to have that tube out and is seen here much more alert (although Jaundice). In between visits he spent a great deal of time unde the bilirubin lights.

At last, 2/18/09 we were able to feed Joey some Pedialyte from a bottle...he did not like it

The next week would be spent trying to get Joey to eat.

More to come on the rest of Joey's recovery later!

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  1. ha ha, that is so funny. Beth tells me the poop shooting across the room story with great vigor and laughter (b/c I tell her my poop stories).
    yeah for poop!