Tuesday, June 23, 2009


To me Joey is perfect. This weekend I was laying on the bed with Joey talking to him and he was making sounds back at me and it dawned on me... This baby is perfect. To me his features are perfect. It is perfect how he tries to make sounds when you talk to him and how he smiles when you do something that he likes. He is perfect in the way he asks to be fed, smacking his lips (no crying here unless you ignore his cues). He is a perfect angel all night long in that he sleeps most of the night. He plays by himself perfectly, sometimes for over an hour while I fold laundry, do dishes or try and cook dinner.
I saw the Memorykeeper's Daughter on tv this weekend. It kind of bothered me the way they portrayed the baby with Ds, like she was some freak of nature, compared to the baby without Ds. I did not think it was a fair portrayal of babies with Ds. Especially when I look at my baby Joey, or my punkin as we call him, because he is perfect. He looked perfect to us when he was born. And to us he will always be the perfect baby.

Joey playing with the tissue paper from his Daddy's father's day present.


  1. He looks pretty dang perfect to me to.

  2. He is perfect. I agree w/ The Memory Keeper's Daughter. It wasn't a feel-good film -- kind of disturbing. I cried, though, at the end... a lot. The nurse was the real hero.

  3. I agree, he *is* perfect! I feel the same way about Bridget, and I've written about it a lot. Here's one example on Bridget's Light: (http://bridgets-light.blogspot.com/2009/02/i-wish-i-would-have-known.html).

    I love your blog, and have a new link to it from ours :).

  4. grandma beth sure brags about how perfect he is to her too =)