Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Growing up in Southern California I have been to Las Vegas probaby around 50 times. We took Joey to Vegas this weekend for the first time. This was Joey's third flight, he has flown to San Diego with us twice already, and once again he did wonderfully. It's funny how people steer clear of you on the plane with a baby... Especially when (as he did in San Diego once) he has a mini meltdown in the terminal before we board the plane. On that particular occassion he just had to poop.
But with Joey people should be so lucky as to sit near us. So far he has not let out a peep on any of our flights. As always he is such a good boy. We are sure however to have a bottle for him as the plane is climbing to it's cruising altitude and another available for the landing. So far that has kept his ears from popping.
Here he is enjoying the ride and playing with the toy we borrowed from Joaquin. (Thanks Jen it is still a huge hit!)

We went to Vegas for one of my best friends from law school, Erica's, baby shower and to see my parents who drove up from San Diego. Here are some pics of Joey enjoying the pool at the Rio where we stayed.

Joey with Grandma.
With Daddy, Grandma and Pa Pa in the pool.

And playing with Grandma up in the room.

My how the way we spend time in Vegas has changed !! A year ago Tony and I would have been in the Casino the whole time. Now we spent most of the time playing with Joey. This was definitely a change for the better (and cheaper)!

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  1. does your mom know she's got a wardrobe malfunction on the internet? can't wait to tease her =)