Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sarah Pailin on 20/20

I just read Jen's post on Sarah Pailin on Oprah. While I did not see that one, I did see her last night being interviewed on 20/20 by Barbara Walters. I was surprised how much of the segment was about Trig and learning about the Ds when she was pregnant. Although Barbara used some improprt terminology, such as "Down baby," which is not preferred, overall I thought it was a good positive interview. I am glad they brought to light the statistics on abortion rates among women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Ds. Maybe this will jump start some more discourse on the subject and generate some outrage (as it should). I think it is unfortunate that the tag line they chose on the video clip was somthing to the effect of "Sarah considered abortion when she learned...." That is not what I got from her interview. What she really said was that abortion was not an option for her. I also breathed a major sigh of relief when I saw that Trig Pailin was shown as a happy, overall, healthy baby. He is very very cute too!!! The Pailin family was shown treating him very lovingly and like a typical baby. I hope that opens some eyes out there for people who have misconceptions about children with Ds.

I have to admit, that despite her flaws, I have always been a huge fan of Sarah Pailin. I think that she has been treated incredibly unfairly and horribly by the media. This interview just made me connect with her even more. Here is a link to where you can find the segment. Sorry I could not link all the way to the story. You have to scroll down on the right and find it.

Anyway, we took Joey to the Stanford Down syndrome clinic for an appointment on Friday.... More to come on that hopefully tomorrow.

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