Monday, October 26, 2009

Journey With Joey--Stepping Up For Down Syndrome Walk

Yesterday was the Sacramento Down Syndome Information Alliance's version of the Buddy Walk. The event was called Stepping Up For Down Syndrome and was a fundraiser for the DSIA. It was an absolutely gorgeous day--purfect for our first Walk and Joey had a great time.
Several of our friends came out to support us. Thank you Jo, Carrie, Megan, Conan, Mairi, Russel, Cameron, Robert and Holly (who joined us later). Unfortunately I do not have the picture of our team before the walk. I will post it when I get it from Jo. Ridiculous number of pictures to follow here.
Here Joey and I are with Megan and Conan... The boys are shaking chiquitas with the music therapy folks who where playing on stage.

Joey with Joaquin and Conan.

Mairi with Robert and Cameron. Cameron was a huge help during the walk. She held her little flag up to keep the sun out of Joey's eyes.

Joey and his buddy Joaquin.

Joey loves Joaquin. They are so cute together.

It was such a nice day I had to change Joey into something cooler for the walk. Here he is in his stroller ready to go!

He had a great time and the best seat in the house for the walk.

Joey was quite the ladies man. Here he is checking out Gracie... she is quite the cutie!

Joey has not seen many little girls. He is usually around boys. So he decides to move in a little closer and check her out.

And then he scared her when he tried to grab her face... oops! He'll learn.

Then Joey got to know Gabby.

She is so darn cute.

goin in for a kiss?

Who's next?

Joey, Grace, Joaquin and Gabby with their moms.

And last but not least the beautiful group of Sacramento babies. They all managed to stay still for a little bit while we snapped a hundred pictures.

They are so precious!

Gracie, Joaquin, Joey, Gabby and Sheridan all staying on the same blanket for quite a long time.

It was so much fun watching them check each other out.

Sheridan was making sure Joey did not get too close.

Joey nudging Gabby with his feet to get her attention.

Sheridan... who did really well...still keeping a watchful eye on Joey

Joey hugging Gabby's arm with his chubby little cute.

John Michael joins in the fun.

What a great day it was. Thanks again to those who joined us and to everyone else who helped team Journey with Joey meet our fundraising goal.

Joey had his MRI today. I will post somthing about it later this week. But in all... he did really well. He was so brave (braver than his mommy in fact) and I am so proud of him!


  1. Awwww,all the babies are so cute!Looks like everyone had a good time.

  2. great pics! I am so glad we were all able to participate together! Can't wait for next year!

  3. I'm tellin' you, you've got to keep an eye on that Joey ;-)

  4. Joey, Joey, Joey!!! He's so darn cute!! He was impressing all babies and mommies with his cool new moves!!!

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