Saturday, October 24, 2009

Are You Ready to Step Up for Down Syndrome?

Joey is... he is excited about the Walk tomorrow. We would like to thank all of our family and friend who have helped us reach our fundraising goal. Sorry I have not had time to post much substance on the blog lately. I have been absolutely swamped at work and as a result, exhausted when I get home. Joey's MRI was moved to Monday. We are nervous about it but at the same time anxious to get it over with and glad that the doctor is going to be opening up his clogged tear ducts. Anything to eliminate the moring torture session, which is what I call having to clean Joey's eyes out in the morning--he hates it! Anyway, we look forward to seeing everyone at the walk on Sunday and if I don't have time to post again before Monday morning...wish us luck and pray for Joey!


  1. Hi Cori, Looking forward to seeing you all, too. What's the MRI for? I'm so out of the loop! I hope he's doing well. He looks fantastic in the photo!

  2. The MRI is to rule out a brain tumor as the cause of his nystagmus. Because his came on a little later than a normal congenital nystagmus, the doctor just wanted to be cautious.