Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Dedication (September 26, 2009)

We participated in a Baby Dedication ceremony at church a couple weeks ago. Four babies were dedicated that day. It was a really nice ceremony and Joey did a great job. I was so glad that he didn't break into raspberries in the middle of it like he usually does in church. Here are some pics courtesy of our friend Jo who came along and was kind enough to take pictures for us.
Pastor Doug saying a prayer for Joey.
Our little angel.
Joey is usually such a good baby in church. He especially loves the music.
Joey enjoyed a rare Sunday with his Daddy.
I just love the stained glass cross. It really is a beautiful little church.
Here we are with Megan and Conan who also participated in the Baby Dedication ceremony.

Joey and I have really enjoyed going to Riverlife Church on Sundays while Tony works. It has been a really uplifting thing for me and we have met so many really great people there. We have especially enjoyed getting to know Megan, Scott and Conan better and we look forward to seeing them every Sunday. We are also thrilled that Jo has been joining us as she has always been such a good friend of mine. I enjoy her company and appreciate the help with Joey and all his stuff.
I have gotten really behind on posting. A couple of highlights: Joey just turned 8 months old; We are excited to be participating in our first Step Up For Down Syndrome walk on Sunday October 25, 2009 (follow the link in the sidebar for more information on how to help team Journey With Joey); Joey has had a cough and cold for about three weeks now (poor baby) I feel so sorry for him and I swear you might as well be stabbing me everytime he goes into one of his coughing fits. It is just aweful to listen too and I feel so helpless.

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